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Wine Trivia QuestionAnswer
Many large sized wine bottles are named after biblical what?Kings
What did the Romans mix with their wine to preserve it and give it a sweet taste?lead
Who does Gerard Depardieu work with to produce the wines?Bernard Magrez
What percentage of New Zealand wines have screw caps?93
Where does the first fermentation in "methode champenoise" take place?In an oak barrel
If you cook a meal using wine, what should you drink with the meal?The same wine
How many bottles of champagne did it take to fill Marilyn Monroe's bathtub?350
Who grows more Gewurztraminer than Germany and Austria combined?US
Christwein is the name given by who to grapes harvested on Christmas eve?Germans
What varietal is used to create Muscadet wine?Melon De Bourgogne
"Vin de Table" is the French designation for what kind of wine?Ordinary table wine
What is the first tier known as in the Wachau grading system?Smaragd
What does a haze in wine indicate?Badly filtered
What do you call Italian wines that do NOT have the DOC on their labels?Vino Da Tavola (Table wine)
According to Irish folklore, who was really fond of wine?Fairies
Who produces the third to most wine currently?Spain
If the food you eat is salty, what type of wine should it be paired with?Sweet
What should this special type of wine should be served as?Very Cold
What tiny effect can drastically change the outcome of wine?Climate
What is also known as cream of tartar that is used during the wine making process?Potassium Bitartrate
What is the shelf life of a vintage port?7 days

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