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Winter Olympics Trivia QuestionAnswer
In Olympic records for the '56 Winter Games, the IOC code EUA is used to represent the combined participation of which nations?East & West Germany
How many rings are on the Olympic flag?5
Who was the host of the 1948 Olympics?St. Moritz
Also known as "Acro-ski", which sport was demonstration sport at the 1988 and 1992 Olympics?Ski Ballet
As of 2013, what is the only country south of the equator to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics?Australia
Which Finn became the youngest male athlete to win a gold at the Winter Olympics, in 1992?Toni Nieminen
The Swede Sixten Jernbery won two golds at the '64 Games, in 50km cross country skiing and which other?4x10 km relay
What was the nickname of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards, who finished last in both the events he took part in at the '88 Games?The Eagle
I want to skate in the Olympics but I hate long blades. What Olympic sport offers the shortest blade?Hockey
In the 1960 Olympics, in which event did Swiss skiers Roger Staub and Yvonne Ruegg win the male & female events respectively?Giant Slalom
Which skater and later theatre performer from Britain won gold at the figure skating event of the 1980 Olympics?Robert Cousins
Cross-country skier Stefania Belmondo lit the Olympic Flame at which Olympic Games?Turin
Which would-be husband-wife pair won the Pairs event in the figure skating competition at the 1928 Games?Pierre and Andree Brunet
Who hosted the 1992 Winter Games?Albertville
Which British ski jumper's tragicomic performance at the 1988 Games made him famous?Eddie Edwards
A snowman called Schneemann was which city's Olympic mascot?Innsbruck
Which Finnish skater won 3 golds at the 1924 Chamonix Games?Clas Thunberg
What sport has provided the Netherlands with the almost all of its Winter Olympic medals?Speed Skating
Who beat Canada in the ice-hockey gold medal match at the 1994 Winter Olympics?Sweden
Which Soviet skating star won two golds, both with world records, in the 500m and 1500m speed skating events?Yevgeny Grishin
Which American won the figure skating gold at the 1968 Games?Peggy Fleming
How many gold medals did Eric Heiden of the US win at the 1980 Olympics?5
Women were allowed to participate in which sport fo rthe first time in 1960 (Swuaw Valley)?Speed Skating
In the Grenoble Games, the Soviet couple Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov retained their 1964 title in which event?Pairs Figure Skating
Which country wept all three medals at the 18km Cross Country Skiing event at the 1936 Winter Olympics?Sweden
Which of these became the first country to host the Winter Olympics twice, in 1998?Japan
The 1932 Lake Placid Games were the only Winter Olympics to feature what event, won by Canada's Emile St Godard?Sled dog racing
Which ice hockey team boycotted the 1972 Sapporo games to protest against the use of professionals by Eastern European countries?Canada

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