World War I

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World War I Trivia QuestionAnswer
What was the longest Battle of WWI?Verdun
In WWI, what did British Pilot Norman Platt become the first ot do?Gain an aerial victory
The falsely accused WWI spy Mata Hari was from which country?Holland
Messines Ridge was a battle site near which area?Ypres
Which political party did war-time leader Lloyd George represent?Liberals
In WWI, which ship picked up future Nazi Admiral Karl Donitz after his U-Boat was sunk?Snapdragon
Who is credited with influencing the development and adoption of the tank for the British side?Ernest Swinton
Who commanded the British forces at the retreat from Mons?Sir John French
In which month of 1918 did the Battle of Amiens take place?August
In which year did the Russians launch the Brusilov Offensive?1916
What was the name of Archduke Franc Ferdinand's wife, who was assassinated alongside him in 1914?Sophie
What nickname did the German-siding King Ferdinand of Bulgaria have during WWI?Foxy
Who was the Italian Prime Minister in February 1915 when Italy declared war on Austria?Antonio Salandra
Who replaced Nivelle as French commander in chief in 1917?Petain
Vn Hindenburg had what first name?Paul
Margaretha Zelle became famous as which accused spy?Mata Hari
During WWII, what country's King Leopold III stayed put, which opened him to postwar charges of collaboration?Belgium
Enver Pasha massacred which people, blaming them for assisting Russia forces against the turks?Armenians
In what year was Ludendorff appointed German Chief of Staff?1916

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