World War II

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World War II Trivia QuestionAnswer
The 1940 Olympic Games were cancelled due to the war. Where were they to be held?Tokyo
What kind of vehicle was the Hummel?German artillery vehicle
What country claimed the first U.S. Warship sunk?Germany
Which American aircraft had the nickname Stratofortress?B-52
What island was correspondent Erine Pyle killed on?Le Shima
What Allied invasion of Europe was primarily directed at?The French coast
What was the name of B-29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima?Enola Gay
During World War II, Britain's crown jewels and the Magna Carta were held in what Kentucky fort?Fort Knox
Who was the leadin gace for Norway?Svein Heglund
In 1923, Hitler tried to take over Bavaria by starting a coup at the Burgerbraukeller. What kind of building was this?A beer hall
Which country reportedly harbors the most escaped war criminals from World War II?United States
Which German aircraft company made the "Stuka"?Junkers
What country did Winston Churchill lead in World War II?England
Admiral Yamamoto died following what?His plane was shot down
What year did the Nuremberg Trials condemn twelve Nazis?1946
What was "Mark 3"?Japanese secret weapon
U-baot was the code name for a type of:German submarine
What was the nickname of the Seventh Armoured Division that fought in North Africa during WW2?Desert Rats
What German city manufactured the "Big Bertha" cannon?Essen
How many aircraft carriers did Japan lose in World War II?26


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